The Dosyago Corporation



dosyago is a company that makes stuff that makes our lives easier.

maybe our stuff will make your life easier too? if you think so, we can sell you some.

dosyago was founded and incorporated in .

it's a United States corporation (Delaware C-corp).

we work remotely.

use this form to contact us.

use this page to open a new issue with one of our products.

please note you will need to sign up to github to open an issue,
and also note that all information in issues is public.

The products we're developing currently fall into two categories:


By public products we mean those we can tell you about right now, even as they're still being developed.

By secret we mean those we don't want to mention about, yet we're really excited to be working on them.

Public Products

Secret Products

Dosyago is currently building 2 secret products.

Stretchy (formerly Litewait, now at is a web browser that saves you data and bandwidth costs.

We built it for using the web while travelling.

It cuts out lots of stuff like videos and images, so maybe you won't like it.

Use it if you want to save money and bandwidth.

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  9. You will not use the service for crypto mining.
  10. You will only use the serivce for browsing the internet and using a web browser as normal.
  11. We can refuse service, ban, suspend, reinstate or otherwise alter the status of any account as we so choose, with no warning and at our sole discretion, with no need to explain anything.
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  1. We don't offer refunds for funds already spent, but if you contact us within 3 days of your payment being accepted by our processor, and request a full refund we will respond as soon as possible accounting for availability, priority and workload, and if possible give you a full refund (less any chargeback or processor fees) for any unspent funds, and terminate your access.
  2. If you're on the freedemo plan then your service may be interrupted at any time without warning. Freedemo exists so you can try the service without paying, but it is maintained on a shared use basis, with newer users and paying users given preferential access to resources.

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