An Upgraded Web Experience

Secure and Embeddable

Deliver fully customizable multiplayer browser experiences with BrowserBox

What You'll Get with Your BrowserBox License

The most flexible for building great products

Fully customizable and open source with unrestricted licenses purchasable

Individual Commercial License

Signed by Dosyago for BrowserBox

Familiar browsing experience

Clear real-time audio and video, tabs, copy paste, view PDFs and more — just like a normal browser

Remote DevTools and Secure Document Gateway

Inspect any page and view any document or zip file

Mobile Just Works

Seamlessly see a mobile version of any page from a mobile device. All languages and IMEs supported

Clientless, embeddable RBI

Zero-download RBI displays in a regular browser. Embed your BrowserBox view in another page, even on mobile.

Multiplayer browsers

Share the same BrowserBox view with friends to collaborate in real time

Zero-Install Browser Extensions

Skip the Webstore and serve your custom extension on BrowserBox to deliver your upgraded experience like that

What Our Customers Say

"BrowserBox has completely revolutionized the way we browse the web. The remote development tools are top-notch!"

- Alex T, Developer at a Medical Device Company

"The security features of BrowserBox give me peace of mind. The customer support team is also excellent!"

- Sarah M, Cybersecurity Analyst at an IT Provider for the Finance Industry

"BrowserBox protects our content while allowing us to deliver it at scale"

- James I, Executive at Secure Content Delivery provider

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Choose your License

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is remote browser isolation?

Remote browser isolation is a cybersecurity model that physically isolates a user's browsing activity away from their local networks and infrastructure. With BrowserBox, this isolation provides an extra layer of security against web-based threats.

What does the Polyform Non-commercial License involve?

This license allows the free use, modification, and distribution of software under the same terms for any non-commercial purpose. However, if you use or intend to use the software commercially you must purchase commercial licenses.

I have a question about licensing. Where can I reach you?

Send your question to