Virtual browsers you embed in a web app

Virtual browsers you embed in a web app

What focuses you?

ViewFinder Pro is the platform for running custom virtual browsers for your business at scale. That video shows a virtual ViewFinder browser, embedded on a web-page, displaying 3rd-party content, and all running in normal browser. ViewFinder Pro powers multiple use-cases, including: co-browsing, remote browser isolation, easy 3rd-party content embedding, and human-in-the-loop RPA monitoring and interaction.

Co-browsing API

Train and support.
In real–time.

Deliver live interactive support to your customers while they use your app, and deploy interactive shared training in the browser using this lightweight, no-download alternative to virtual desktops and LogMeIn. Available self-hosted or fully-managed, all with a simple API.

Remote browser isolation

Secure where you surf.

Protect your valuable infrastructure with remote isolated cloud browsers, and cloud-based internet isolation, by running all web content securely in an isolated on-prem appliance or in our fully managed cloud. Reduce the risk of malware and ransomware from entrapping or damaging your business. Adopt a robust line of defense against zero-day exploits to limit their ability to hack your private business about employees, customers, IP or financial information. Deployments available of any size. Get in touch today.

RPA intelligence

Monitor and interact with your bots.

Visually stream and monitor bots, agents and headless browsers in your existing robotic process automation fleet. Easily plug into and see what a Puppeteer or Playwright instance is doing, in real time. And even interact and intervene with your RPA processes live; just as if they were regular browsers. We're happy to customize and integrate for you, or to help you do it yourself.

3rd-party content

Embed the web.

Integrate 3rd-party content securely, reliably and without restriction by using ViewFinder iframes. ViewFinder Iframes do not require the embedded content to be parsed or modified in any way, and work without the content needing to modify its own <iframe> restrictions, X-Frame-Options settings Content-Security-Policy headers.

Superior tech

More secure and flexible than alternative solutions.

ViewFinder is based on a fully isolate remote browser security model, that sends only pixels to your clients, and is more secure than competing co-browsing solutions that execute web content and scripts on the client-side. While more bandwidth-heavy than less secure options, ViewFinder's Advanced Adaptive Streaming delivers better image quality superior than that available from competing VNC or remote dekstop-based solutions.

Mobile First

Any device. Any where.

Unlike competing co-browsing, or remote isolated browser solutions that are backed by legacy office technologies like VNC or remote-desktop, ViewFinder was built with the web and mobile first baked-in from the start. Because of this ViewFinder works seamlessly on mobile, with no "shrink-desktop-to-fit" issues, even while co-browsing with clients using various devices.

Purchase options

Licenses for self-hosted, or fully-managed.

Flexible licensing available for both self-hosted and managed SaaS solutions. Get a license exemption for the AGPL-3.0 source-available version on GitHub, or go upgrade to the Pro version for advanced features including better streaming and co-browsing and choose between self-hosted and fully managed offerings. Maintenance, support and customizations are also available.

Get in touch

Let's make something great together.

Contact via email to talk about how ViewFinder fits in to what you're trying to achieve.

Frequently asked

The only stupid question…
is the one you don't ask.

What do I get with the $300 week-long demo?
For 1 week, you get:
  • 7 days of a Level 1 Cloud Machine running ViewFinder Pro
  • Quarter-month VF Pro License (save $375)
  • 4 hours free support or custom development (∞% savings)
What do I get with the ViewFinder Pro monthly license?
Each month, you will get:
  • 1 month of a Test Cloud Machine running ViewFinder Pro
  • 10% off upgrading to a Level 1 Cloud Machine running ViewFinder Pro
  • 1 month VF Pro License (50% off, save $1500)
  • 4 hours free support or custom development (∞% savings)
  • Other discounts depending on your situation.
How do I order the demo or the Pro license?
Just click the buttons for each on this page. Or click here to order a demo, or here to subscribe to a monthly Pro license.

Note: please include a valid email address on the order page so that we can contact you to set up your deployment!

How much does a license cost?
The Tier 1 Pro license normally costs 3000 USD a month. Right now we're offering substantial discounts to new customers. Tier 1 will cover most use cases but higher usage levels are available in higher license tiers, too.
Can you build my feature?
Yes, probably. ViewFinder can be white-labelled, integrated and customized in many ways. And we're happy to quote you a price to do that work for you, engage on an ongoing incremental basis, or provide your team with the answers it needs to customize it themselves.
Can I get support?
Yes, a license includes a certain amount of support per month. Additional separate support tiers are available to meet your specific needs.
We're a startup and can't afford to pay you right now, can we use this?
It might be difficult to set you up to use a Pro license with no fee, but we could probably reach an affordable deal for you to use the source-available version on GitHub without needing to license your own code through AGPL-3.0.
Where can I see more information about ViewFinder in action?
Check out one of the videos on YouTube channel, such as the video below.


Do it yourself.

A range of easy APIs and integrations are availiable for ViewFinder Pro, as well as a source-available version on GitHub.